Friday, June 24, 2011

the CN tower - who's stalking who? or what?

in my 365 project, i have undertaken for the month of june to photograph toronto's CN tower. i have been successful so far, but because we can only post one photograph a day, i am showing here the progression of how a shot came to be, particularly my posting on june 23, 2011 (

we were driving east, away from the downtown core, and when i looked in the passenger side mirror, i noticed the distinctive shape of the tower's main pod, as if it was peeking from behind a building. it almost took on a somewhat playful stance, even though we know it is an inanimate object/structure. and with the turns on the gardiner expressway, it really seemed it was playing . so here are the photos, please enjoy them.

at front street, driving east to get to the highway

before turning on jarvis. there's the flatiron building on the bottom left

on the highway now

this is the shot that made it to the 365 album:

pardon :-) but that's a "seed" from a tree where we parked, not a bird doodie!

and this was directly behind us on the gardiner expressway.

the end!

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